Al Madressah Tajweedul Quran, School of Recitation of Holy Quran
Al Madressah Tajweedul Quran, School of Recitation of Holy Quran
“Al Madressah Tajweedul Quran”, is an independent educational institute for higher Islamic and Qur’anic education. It was established in 1984 in order to create proficient and motivated individuals to meet the spiritual and religious needs of today’s Muslim communities throughout the world.

In order to produce individuals equipped with the skills and expertise to deliver these services locally, in other areas of the country and abroad, the Madressah understands the need for proper education and training.
Al Madressah Tajweedul Quran serves as a learning centre where academic excellence along with a strong emphasis on spiritual and moral development and public service contribute to produce capable individuals motivated to advance the aims of the Madressah in their own localities.

Along with high academic standards, Al Madressah Tajweedul Quran aims to develop a high level of moral and spiritual perfection in its students. It is knowledge along with a sense of god-consciousness, humility, compassion and tolerance that goes to make individuals who will truly serve Islam and the community.
16 Aug 2018 (CE), (AH)
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