Al Madressah Tajweedul Quran's Specialist
Al Madressah Tajweedul Quran’s Specialist Unique Courses
1. Tahfizul Qur’an
This course is designed to enable students to memorise the whole Qur'an within a period of approximately three years and continue to retain it. Each individual student studies at a pace in line with his capabilities and potential. Emphasis is given to the importance of Tajwid (Qur'anic Phonetics) and rules of recitation.
The hafiz (one who memorises the whole Quran) has historically played a key role in the preservation of the Qur'an, and continues to do so today.
After Completing the Course
Students completing the course have the choice of pursuing the Alimiyyah Course in which being a hafiz is advantageous, though not necessary.
A student successfully completing the Tahfiz-al-Qur'an course is equipped to play an important role in the Muslim community. A hafiz is given the responsibility of teaching children the recitation of the Qur’an, and leading special prayers during the month of Ramadhan. The greatest advantage a hafiz possesses is literally having the entire Qur’an open before him at all times, an invaluable tool when engaged in religious activities like delivering talks, writing etc.
Our graduates have gone on to successfully put their skills to use, many being invited to other countries during the month of Ramadhan to serve the communities there.
2. Qira’ah Specialisation
Mastering the art of Tajwid (Qur’anic Phonetics) is very important in order to be able to recite the Glorious Qur’an correctly, and the expert in this field plays an important role in the preservation of the Qur’an.
The Qira’ah Specialisation Course builds on this mainly theoretical base and concentrates on developing practical expertise in the established tradition of Qira’ah (Qur’anic Rendition). It entails extensive practice in order to develop proficiency in the methods of the seven famous Imams of Qira’ah.
Course Structure
Having completed the theoretical components of Tajwid, students on the Qira’ah Specialisation Course dedicate their time to developing their practical skills of Qur’anic Rendition. This involves extensive practice under the guidance of an expert tutor.
Students on the Course study and practice on their own to reach standards set by their tutor. Progress is assessed through regular contact sessions with their tutor.
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