Quranic Spiritual Healing & Counselling Services
Allah Almighty describes the Quran as a means of cure and healing. As we all know that there is a difference between medicine and cure. Medicine can help heal and cure an illness but there is no guarantee.
The Quran has been described by Allah the glorified himself as a means of cure and healing. Therefore we ought to seek cure and healing both inwardly and outwardly through the Quran.
At The Holy and Noble Quran Society our Instructors specialise in Quranic Spiritual Healing. The Holy Quran is the book of Allah and it’s the truth and contains the power to heal and provide mercy to those who seek cure, healing and mercy from the Quran.
If you suffer from a long term illness, disease, stress, family problems, financial problems, marital problems, black magic, fear or anything else then please make an appointment with one of our instructors who will be pleased to help assist you in seeking cure and spiritual healing from the Holy Quran.
Contact us to arrange a consultation.
Email: Quranichealing@thanksinstitute.org
Postal: Healing Universal, The Holy and Noble Quran Society, Thompson Street, Blackburn, Lancashire. BB21UH.
Tel: +44 779-875-8170
21 Jul 2018 (CE), (AH)
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