Weekly Zikr & Tazkiyah (Self-Purification) Session
Weekly Zikr & Tazkiyah (Self-Purification) Session
Purification of the inner-self or 'tazkiyah', as the Holy Qur’an terms it, is undoubtedly the soul of Islam.
Associating partners with Allah, arrogance, jealousy, malice, greed, love for the material world etc. are maladies of the inner-self which must be significantly suppressed. The heart is to be adorned by lofty morals such as love for Allah and His recognition, desire for the Hereafter, patience, gratitude, sincerity etc.
The objective of 'tazkiyah' is to purify one's self from lowly inner habits and traits and to adorn one's self with lofty morals and charachteristics. Only after this can one really achieve the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala, which is the ultimate goal of every believer.
The salaf (pious predecessors), and righteous ulama achieved self purification through frequenting the company of the extremely pious servants of Allah i.e. the mashaaikh and by remembering Allah Ta’ala frequently i.e. zikrullah.Both good company and remembrance of Allah have been greatly emphasised in the Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him).
Weekly gatherings take place at the Masjid every Friday at 8pm in which zikr takes place and advice is imparted regarding this important aspect of our deen.
16 Aug 2018 (CE), (AH)
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