• The Qari Course at The Holy and Noble Koran Society is a one year intensive, full- time residential course that is catered towards Scholars, Imams and highly competent Huffaz who have a strong foundation in Tajweed. This course is taught by Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain, Shaykh Imtiaz Hussain and Resident Qurra’.

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Our Teachers

Shaykh Imtiaz Hussain
Founder & Trustee of The Holy and Noble Koran Society

Shaykh Imtiaz was born in Jhelum, Pakistan and migrated to England in 1959 with his family. He completed his secular education in the United Kingdom and also taught the English language at Blackburn College for many years. He memorised the Holy Quran with Hazrat, Shaykh Ismail Manubari and remained in the company and tutelage of his eminence, Shaykh Ismail Manubari (RA), who was the Imam of Masjid Tauheedul Islam, and was also the principal of one of the largest Islamic seminaries in Gujrat, India. As soon as he completed the memorisation of the Holy Quran, he was appointed to teach the Quran and take the role as an Assistant Imam at Masjid Tauheedul Islam Blackburn, Lancashire by Shaykh Ismail (RA), and since then he has been teaching the Quran at various Mosques throughout Lancashire. Shaykh Imtiaz Hussain has been teaching the Quran for 35 years and has over 1000 students. Many of his students are now Trustees of leading Islamic Educational Organizations and Imams, who are now teaching and promoting the Quranic teachings actively, nationally and globally. Shaykh Imtiaz founded The Holy and Noble Koran Society in 1992 after obtaining permission from his blessed Teacher, Shaykh Ismail (RA), who would visit the society on a yearly basis. Shaykh Imtiaz mastered Tajweed and Islamic Calligraphy and has been promoting Interfaith Harmony since 1992. He also worked for Lancashire County Council for several years as a Interpreter and currently serves as The Imam and Muslim Chaplain at Burnley General Hospital.


Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain
Chief Executive of The Holy and Noble Koran Society

Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain was born in Blackburn, UK, and began learning the traditional islamic sciences at the age of 10 under his father, Shaykh Imtiaz Hussain Chishti at The Holy and Noble Koran Society. He memorized the Holy Qur’an at the age of 15 with Shaykh Yaqub Shikora, whilst completing his GCSE’S at Pleckgate High School, then completed a BTEC Diploma In ICT. He also studied English Language & Literature at Preston College and completed his A-Levels.

At Jamiatul Ilm wal Huda, a Muslim Seminary in Blackburn, UK, he graduated with a masters level degree in Arabic studies and theology, also known as “Dars e Nizami.” (Islamic Scholarly Training).
He studied under some of the leading Indian, Islamic Scholars of Europe such as, Mufti Abdus Samad, Mufti Inyatullah, Mufti Ikramul Haq and many others. He obtained many licenses, “ijazat”, to teach the various islamic sciences during his studies at Jamiatul Ilm wal Huda. He studied the science of Tajweed with Shaykh Zubair Fallahi and was granted permission to give ijaza, and also studied the seven dialects of Quranic recitation.

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Ustadha Rehana Hussain
Quran and Islamic Studies Teacher

Ustadha Rehana Amin is a registered ECE and experienced Holy Quran and Islamic Studies Teacher for young children. She has been teaching young children in the United Kingdom and Toronto for over ten years now. She specializes in simplifying the learning of the Arabic alphabet for young children and teaches them with creative methods, so they enjoy attending the Daily Madrasah.